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painting of a tree at sunset
Broken Fence
mixed media on birch
20" x 54"

The Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC

"I visit this tree several times a year. It has become a symbol of contrasts for me. It grows on a huge crown parkland property, but is facing a very busy road. For years the surrounding area has been mostly agricultural, but as the city gets closer, the signs for development also come. In earlier paintings called “Hope” and “Protected”, which were inspired by this area, I had written about my wishes for protecting this piece of land. I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic about it, calling myself a realist instead. I have seen so many trees make way for empty building lots, but I have also seen locals take action and demand change. No matter the outcome, I know this tree will stay here, in my painting, for much longer than I can - and maybe one day someone else will be inspired to plant another for their own memories."