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crow painting
The Division Line, Tribute to Wanda Koop
acrylic on birch
9" x 60"

Mayberry Fine Art, Toronto


"It is hardly a surprise that I find crows fascinating. I find them uniquely beautiful in color, character, personality, intelligence and wit. Although I have been observing, photographing,following, ‘befriending’, watching and listeningto these birds since I was little, I don’t feel likeI could ever get enough of them. My heart still speeds up every time I hear one while my hand automatically reaches for my camera. I find them beautiful. Unmistakably plain in color and body style, they perfectly lend themselves to my never ending search of portraying simplicity. I have been painting them on monochromatic pavement for a while, but this crow walked straight onto the brightly yellow road line, the division line between traffic that zooms by and the traffic oncoming. She safely picked up a crumb and flew away."